Meet the TQP Board

The members of the executive board take on the tasks of planning TQP's summer educational program through recruitment, marketing, fundraising, community outreach, educational planning, and donation coordination.


Marina Ross


Major:  Economics, Minors:  Spanish and Business Administration, Junior

Interests:  soccer, photography, traveling, volunteering

"My favorite part of The Quito Project is working with our students in Ecuador.  I love being able to help create a summer program that will not only encourage our students to pursue higher education, but also allows them to have a fun and memorable summer."


Nora Kuo


Major:  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Pre-Vet, Junior

Interests:  reading, skiing, traveling, snow, playing with animals, my chinchillas, and llamas.

"I traveled down to Quito the summer of 2016, and my absolute favorite part of the experience was my time spent with the kids. It was so fun working with them on art projects and desperately trying to get them to learn English, and I am somewhat (but not really) ashamed to admit that I cried on the last day of camp." 


Emmanuel Solis

Social Media Manager

Majors:  Latina/o and Communication Studies, Minor:  LGBTQ & Sexuality Studies, Sophomore

Interests:  I love podcasts, audiobooks, procrastinating, napping...You know, the usual!

"I joined The Quito Project due to my interest in empowering Latino communities not just here in the United States but also in Latin America. As a Latino student, I feel necessary to do so!"


Megan zabiK

u-M Program Director

Majors:  International Studies and Spanish, Sophomore

Interests:  soccer, music, movies, traveling

"My favorite part of The Quito Project is the people I have met through this experience." 


Adam Udovich


Major:  Computer Science, Sophomore

Interests:  reading, listening to music, and learning about new technologies

"My favorite part of The Quito Project was seeing another part of the world and learning about the people there."