The members of the executive board take on the tasks of planning TQP's summer educational program through recruitment, marketing, fundraising, community outreach, educational planning, and donation coordination.


Marina Ross


Marina is a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in both Business Administration and Spanish. She is passionate about providing equal education opportunities in low-resource areas across the globe. She has traveled to Ecuador twice with The Quito Project and her favorite part of the experience was spending time with the students there and providing them with a program that not only encourages them to pursue higher education, but also allows them to have a fun and memorable summer. In the future, she plans to pursue a dual masters program in public policy and business administration.


Nora Kuo


Nora is a senior studying Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.  She traveled to Quito in the summer of 2016 and her favorite part of the experience was the time she spent with the kids. Mainly, working with them on art projects and trying to get them to learn English.  In her free time she loves reading, skiing, traveling, snow, playing with animals, her chinchillas, and llamas. Post-graduation she plans to attend Veterinary school.  



Megan Zabik

Vice President

Megan is a junior majoring in International Studies and Spanish.  She has traveled with The Quito Project twice and has taken on the roles of being a tutor and as a director for UM while in Quito. Her favorite part of The Quito Project is the people she has met through this experience both at UM and in Quito. Some of her other interests include soccer, music, movies, and traveling.

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Emmanuel Solis

Director of Marketing

Emmanuel is a junior majoring in Latinx and Communication Studies with a minor in LGBTQ & Sexuality Studies. He joined The Quito Project due to his interest in empowering Latino communities not just here in the United States but also in Latin America because as a Latino student, he feels necessary to give back to his community.  In his free time he loves listening to podcasts, procrastinating, and napping. (The usual)

Zack SAfadi

Co-Director of Outreach & Recruitment

Zack is a sophomore studying Computer Sciences and Spanish  He traveled to Quito in the summer of 2018 and his favorite part of the experience was forming connections and friendships with the Ecuadorian tutors and the kids at the camp through art activities and lots of time spent at the park. In his free time Zack loves learning new languages, playing video games, spending time with his dog, and playing soccer and basketball. He isn’t quite sure what he wants to do after graduating, but working in a space with a global perspective and outreach is very important to him.

Nick farrugia

co-director of outreach & recruitment

Nick is a junior majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Art & Design.  He traveled to Quito during the summer of 2018 and his favorite part of the experience was working and teaching the kids.  Specifically, working on math with the kids, teaching them how to dance, and playing soccer with them at the park.  In the future, he plans to pursue a graduates degree in hospital epidemiology.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends, playing soccer, listening to music, traveling and making clothes.

Francesca Romano

Director of Local & International Volunteering

Francesca is a junior majoring in Architecture and minoring in Art & Design and Gender, Race, & Nation Studies. She traveled to Quito in summer 2018. Her favorite part of TQP was inventing math games with the kids, making art projects, and playing with the kids. In her free time, she loves drawing, listening to Hiatus Kaiyote, and sleeping. When graduating, Francesca would want to work with sustainable design.

Amy muñoz

co-director of finance

Amy is a sophomore interested in studying Public Policy. She traveled down to Quito in the summer of 2018. Her favorite part about The Quito Project was the new friendships she built with the other tutors -- both from Michigan and USFQ -- and the students in the program. 

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Adam Udovich

Co-Director of finance

Adam is a junior majoring in Computer Science.  His favorite part of The Quito Project was seeing another part of the world and learning about the people there.  Some of his other interests include reading, listening to music, and learning about new technologies.

Katie Ortiz-tenesca

co-director of finance

Katie is a junior studying Education and hoping to minor in business. She is passionate about reforming educational curriculum and bridging the gap in educational inequality. She is actually Ecuadorian and her favorite part of the experience was being able to visit her country for the first time while teaching and building trusting relationships with the kids. In her free time, Katie loves to dance, write and eat hot Cheetos.



Helen is a senior double-majoring in Microbiology and Spanish.  Her favorite part of The Quito Project was forming individual relationships with the kids in her classroom and getting to know their individual personalities - likes, dislikes, talents, and how that related to their environment.  Her interests include singing, hiking, food, reading, swimming, and going to art museums.


The University of Michigan

Francesca Romano

Zack Safadi

Megan Zabik

Nicholas Farrugia

Amy Muñoz

Kathleen Ortiz-Tenesca

Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Camila Carpio

Maria Emilia González

Mapa Marroquín

Bárbara Melo

Valeria Albán

Freddy Benalcázar

Romina Cahuana

Mae Caicedo



Alana Rodriguez

The University of michigan

Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Alana Rodriguez is the UM faculty adviser for The Quito Project as well as the Academic Program Specialist for the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She also teaches the 3-credit "Learning through Global Partnerships" course for returning TQP students. She has degrees from San Diego State University and el Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara. Her research focuses on sexual and reproductive health in Latin America, especially Cuba and Mexico. Her favorite part of participating in The Quito Project is having the privilege of collaborating with such wonderful students and partners at UM and USFQ.


DOLO Lasso

universidad SAn Francisco de Quito

Department of Education

María Dolores Lasso (Dolo) is a USFQ’s Education teacher for both the undergraduate and graduate programs. She obtained her PhD degree in Education at New Mexico State University, her dissertation focuses on educational leadership and teacher education. She obtained her Masters degree in Education from Boston University and an Elementary Education undergraduate degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. She has been a teacher in Ecuador for more than two decades, focusing on teacher education and educational improvement during the last decade. She is currently the providing academic advice and continuous improvement and innovation advice as curriculum expert to all the different academic areas at USFQ. She has been the appointed Faculty Advisor for The Quito Project, a community outreach project lead by student volunteering efforts in collaboration with University of Michigan since 2013.

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