The maturation of our organization has paralleled that of the field of global health; our model has shifted from a medical outreach program to a research-based organization working in partnership with local academics and social organizations.

Today, the project is invloved with the University of Michigan community through fundraisers for school supplies for the summer camp and by hosting an educational workshop on teaching English abroad.



The education component partnered with la Universidad de San Francisco de Quito. Education is now the only focus of The Quito Project as an organization.


Partnered with the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Michigan.

Implemented four research and intervention projects in full collaboration with Ecuadorian partners, submitted results to Ministry of Health and other stakeholders, submitted two papers for publication.


Formed partnership with University of Michigan Center for Global Health. Expanded collaborations in Quito to include Ministry of Health and three major universities, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, and Universidad Central del Ecuador, with whom we have signed Memoranda of Understanding to enable official inter-institutional collaborations.


Initiated partnership with local clinic run by Ecuadorian Ministry of Health. Provided educational and preventative services to complement local clinic’s primary care.


Completed community-wide needs and resource assessment. Initiated partnerships with local universities and medical schools.


Expanded Public Health and Social Work outreach programs and conducted preliminary community needs assessment.


Expanded medical clinic and tutoring program, added Social Work and Public Health community outreach programs, produced feature-length documentary on status of health care in Ecuador.


Founded by Bina Valsangkar, M.D., M.P.H., then a medical student at UM. Operated free-standing medical clinic and tutoring program in partnership with a local NGO.