The Quito Project works to minimize the achievement gap for students in low opportunity areas through education

The Quito Project provides summer tutoring programs in math, reading comprehension, English, and leadership to primary school students in Quito, Ecuador.  TQP's education component is a student initiative from the University of Michigan and Universidad de San Francisco de Quito that works to minimize the achievement gap in low income zones by working with local communities and promoting global collaborations through education. 

As a multidisciplinary organization, The Quito Project has students and faculty from schools across the University of Michigan, including Medicine, Public Health, Education, and Literature Sciences & Arts. Since its formation in 2004, TQP has evolved to support projects in the realm of public health, social work, and education for 8,000 community members of San Martin, San Blas, Pifo, and Cumbaya in Quito, Ecuador. 

The Quito Project is currently partnering with La FundaciΓ³n Caritas la Primavera, a foundation located in Cumbaya, Quito, to carry out its summer educational program. Approximately 60 students from the neighboring community ages 5 to 12 are provided engaging educational activities, hygienic supplies, and two meals a day at the summer camp, which is entirely free of charge and organized by undergraduate students from the University of Michigan and La Universidad San Francisco de Quito. The curriculum is student-developed by the undergraduates with support from mentors and faculty members, and focuses on strengthening students' understanding of core academic subjects in reading, writing, mathematics and the sciences while encouraging creative expression and exploration, elevating the importance of academic performance, and boosting in-class self-confidence. 

Our summer program runs from July to early August each summer. 

The Quito Project is a great opportunity to collaborate with students in Ecuador, united in the same goal of sharing memorable moments of cultural and educational experiences with our wonderful students.
— Megan Zabik, 2019-2020 Co-President

Students and faculty from the University of Michigan and La Universidad San Francisco de Quito during the Summer 2017 project in Quito.



Applications are due november 1, 2020.

Please note, you must be a UM undergraduate student to apply.

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